Raffi Räber presents: caminoreal.fi

Hi & welcome to my site!

My name is Raffi Räber and I currently live near Zurich, Switzerland. By checking out the different pages on this site, you’ll get to know me and my hobbies a bit better.

I am quite the traveller and have visited 77 different countries so far. You can find some helpful and interesting links under the vagabonding tab in the navigation bar. If your thing is music, then check out my mixtapes and some of the tracks I produced myself. If you’re into board games, then you can play an email-based Connect-4, which I’ve programmed myself. The sports section includes info about the teams I’m playing (or used to play) for. I usually earn a living by programming, so there’s some info about fantasy games, my everyday jobs and other websites I’ve been involved with. Lastly I invite you to look at my photo album, where you can see pictures I’ve taken while on holiday, somewhere around the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be glad to be able to help you with any problems, questions or tasks you might have for me.

Meanwhile, check out my Youtube channel or my Instagram account.

Enjoy exploring my website!
Last edited: 10 January 2022